Happy Family Heathy Family Charity Day

Generation gap always happened in a family because of the family members do not know each other well and this lead to other family problems as well. Since the establishment of Yayasan Nanyang Press, we have been dealing with people from different profession and background. Therefore we truly understand that the healthiness and happiness of family is complementing one another. Thus, Yayasan Nanyang Press has decided to organize the “Happy Family Healthy Family Carnival” on 26th and 27th March 2016 with the aim of giving an opportunity for the public to enjoy the happiness with family members and contribute to charity at the same time. Bao Bei Reading Wonderland is honored to collaborate with Yayasan Nanyang Press in bringing good cause to the them as well as contributing to the society.
俗语说,三年一个代沟;那你和你的父母、甚至是兄弟姐妹之间是否有出现代 沟的问题呢?代沟的出现,常常是因为互相的不了解,接而产生家庭破裂等问 题。南洋报业基金自成立以来,接触过无数个各行各业以及各个层次的民众, 深刻地了解到健康与家庭幸福是相辅相成的。因此,南洋报业基金特别选在 2016 年 3 月 26 日与 27 日,一连两天举办一项“康乐家年华”,让民众能携家 带眷前往同乐之余,也能间接做慈善。 是次家年华是以 80 年代学校风格为主题,届时将会有多个配合此慈善日的主题 活动与摆设,让出席民众除了能得到健康咨询外,还能共享家庭日,父母们还 能趁机向孩子传承他们过去的游戏与生活态度等等。 而南洋报业基金是透过售卖固本来筹款,民众能够通过不同的管道(如通过 16 导航义工或南洋报业基金职员)以购取固本,并在活动期间前往以该固本以换 取当天所准备的服务和娱乐消遣等。宝贝阅读乐园很荣幸能与南洋报业基金合 作,为社会做出贡献。宝贝阅读乐园很荣幸能与南洋报业基金合作,为社会做 出贡献。