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About Us

Established in 2000, Bao Bei Reading Wonderland is a leading child learning centre in Malaysia founded with a mission to help children aged 3 to 12 establish a strong foundation in Mandarin and Malay.
Our centre focuses on providing early childhood and after-school learning courses using the Bao Bei Children’s Super-Learning Programme, an effective and proven learning method developed by Bao Bei founder cum executive principal Ms Elly Teh. The programme utilises a 5-stage learning approach that is fun and highly interactive to help students achieve proficiency in both the input and output of Mandarin vocabulary.
Bao Bei Reading Wonderland employs teachers with excellent academic backgrounds and extensive experience in teaching to ensure quality education for our students. In addition to the Mandarin Kids Programme, we have also developed the BM Kids Programme, E2 Daycare Programme, and "Magnifying Glass" Holiday Programme using Bao Bei Children’s Super-Learning Programme.
We provide phased teaching according to the learning progress and individual needs of students. This ensures we provide the best support in helping students improve their overall academic performance in Mandarin and Malay, while at the same time, developing their self-confidence in socialising and all aspects of interpersonal skills.
At Bao Bei Reading Wonderland, we prioritise not just children’s academic performance, but also their well-being and safety as we constantly keep parents up-to-date on their progress for absolute peace of mind. Here, students are guided in a fun and engaging environment that cultivates their strong independent learning skills and enables them to master all 4 skills of language - listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Over the past 20 years, we have successfully nurtured more than 90,000 students of good character and academic performance, and effectively strengthened their mastery of Mandarin and Malay language.

Education Philosophy

  • Advocate for a loving and appreciative education environment

  • Respect each student's learning progress and development ability

  • Solidify children's self-confidence and self-esteem through learning

Education Mission

Rooted in the philosophy of love, our mission is to provide a joyful and comfortable learning environment for our students.

Bao Bei Vision

To nurture a generation of outstanding pupils in Malaysia with strong linguistic ability in both Mandarin and Malay, while at the same time, building character and developing interpersonal skills.

Quality Education

Starts with Love & Care

In 2000, Ms Elly Teh co-founded Bao Bei Reading Wonderland with the support of her husband, Mr David Lim, marking the beginning of her education career. As a former regional insurance manager, Ms Elly Teh recognised the importance of Mandarin education through conversations with her parent customers. After giving birth, she delved into the educational theories of renowned early childhood specialists like Professor Makoto Shichida, American educator Glenn Doman, Nobel Prize winner Dr Roger Sperry, etc.
Working alongside her child’s caregiver, a retired and experienced teacher who shared his educational values, they studied the teaching methods of ancient Chinese reading classes and applied them to her own child’s learning. Seeing significant improvements, she refined and adapted the teaching methods to create Bao Bei Children’s Super-Learning Program used at Bao Bei Reading Wonderland today. Through the learning methods she developed, many students have established a strong foundation in Mandarin and Malay education.
  Ms Elly Teh

Ms Elly Teh

Founder Of Bao Bei Reading Wonderland
David Lim  


Managing Director
“E-Resource Sharing Is The Future.”
Times have changed. Technology and the development of networking has made a huge impact on our daily lives. Everything is constantly changing and evolving. One is able to embrace change as long as one has a positive attitude and mindset. Bao Bei will continue to uphold our student-oriented teaching spirit in the hope of spreading love and education in our community and so contribute to society.
Of course, in response to the current trends and needs, we will work on constantly improving our teaching methods. Combined with the needs of science and technological development, we are constantly enhancing and digitalizing our teaching tools to be aligned with current technology trends. Bao Bei has been using smart interactive whiteboards in our teaching for many years. These add a whole lot of fun, and at the same time allow better interaction between the teachers and students.
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Executive Principal
“Bao Bei For Life, For Life Is Bao Bei.”
As the leader of the Bao Bei education team, i have always upheld the idea of ‘Bao Bei For Life, For Life Is Bao Bei’, which encourages the teachers to live happily and teach happily. Our education philosophy promotes a happy game-teaching method while the teachers’ training programme promotes spiritual happiness, growth and transformation. As we grow, outdated approaches will be abandoned to make administration as efficient as possible via a computerised teaching and humanized management system.
Bao Bei teaching methods focus on flexible responses and respect for each individual’s learning capability. Everything we do is specially designed to stimulate children’s interest and motivate them to learn. When educating children, one must be able to listen and know their wants and needs. We believe, by spreading love, that children will grow happily and be testimonies of our hard work, using a method that I hope will span a long history of achievement.
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  Elly Teh
Tey Pan Fong  


Learning Program Director
“Effective Learning Happens When Progress, Levels, And Capabilities Are Considered.”
Children should learn not only to prepare for exams, but also for self-improvement and self-growth, in order for life to have better depth and meaning.
As the Chinese saying goes ‘There is a golden house within every book’. By reading well-written articles and classical literature, one not only strengthens their own character, but also opens the window of knowledge, and the door of wisdom. Therefore Bao Bei’s courses focus on strengthening children’s literacy skills, and increasing their vocabulary. Once they have these, they will have a better understanding of Mandarin and learn how to apply what they have learnt, thus enhancing their writing capabilities.
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Teacher Training Director
“Only With A Healthy Body, Mind And Spirit Can We Educate With Excellence.”
People often say that a good student is taught by a good teacher, and a good student’s behavior is shaped by a good teacher. As the saying goes, ‘There is no such thing as a bad student. There is only a bad teacher.’ In addition to teaching, teachers are people to look up to - the role models that should set an example for the students.
We bear huge responsibilities on our shoulders. We cannot afford the slightest negligence in our duties. Throughout the years, we have taught our teachers a range of professional skills.
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  Agnes Beh
Chen Evelyn
Review From
老师有耐心也有爱心 孩子学习中文的好地方!
Cindy Hor
Review From
Amazing centre, highly recommended, friendly teachers , my kid used to show not interest in mandarin , but after few classes, she would speak , write and read so well and will get upset if she miss her class . Thank you teacher. Really appreaciate
Theresa Yeow
Review From
My 6yo daughter's first time making a lantern. Enjoyed it. Nice rabbit-on-the-moon piece.
Lilian Kwok
Review From
Thank you for the dedication in teaching my son. I am happy with the result. It's amazing that he can recognize Chinese characters at such short period. Keep up the good work!
Mae Cheah
Review From
My children go to the taman megah branch. Their teachers are well trained and careful. Teacher mei Yuen knows the children’s guardians and when they see unfamiliar faces she follow my helper all the way to my car to make sure my son is safe and fine.Thank you so much
Ivy Ong
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