In this ever-changing world, Mandarin has become one of the most widely used languages globally. Bao Bei Reading Wonderland's Mandarin Kids Programme aims to provide students with a stress-free learning environment to master the language at their own pace through our professionally-designed in-house proprietary Bao Bei Children’s Super-Learning Programme.
Our programme caters to diverse learning styles with a range of teaching methodologies, such as flash cards, game-based learning, recitation rhythm, thematic learning, creative aesthetics DIY, and more. This makes it especially beneficial for students who may find Mandarin challenging.

Programme Features

Right Brain Visual Learning Method
Right Brain Visual
Learning Method
Fun and Engaging Thematic Learning
Fun and Engaging
Thematic Learning
Interactive Games And Activities
Interactive Games
and Activities
Develop Critical Thinking Skills
Develop Critical
Thinking Skills

Unleash Your Child's Potential

Literacy and Vocabulary Building
Literacy and Vocabulary Building
We start with simple words to help children overcome the frustration of picking up a new language. This gradual approach helps to build self-confidence and interest during the early stages of literacy and vocabulary building.
Comprehension and Application
Comprehension and Application
Understanding the definition will allow effective utilisation of Mandarin in real-life, and encourage the willingness to try and express themselves in Mandarin.
Writing Skills
Writing Skills
We help children write more coherent and eloquent Mandarin compositions by nurturing their critical thinking skills as well as their grasp of vocabulary and syntax.
Independent Learning
Independent Learning
Encourage children to be self-motivated and establish good habits of independent learning that foster curiosity and a lifelong passion for learning.

Beginner Class

Develop fundamental reading, comprehension and speaking skills.
  • Guided introduction to Bao Bei picture book system
  • Basic literacy up to 1000 words
  • Develop reading and comprehension skills
  • Encourage verbal expression and communication skills
  • Foster children’s interest and curiosity
  Beginner Class
Intermediate Class  

Intermediate Class

In addition to enhancing children's reading proficiency, comprehension, and verbal skills, this level also emphasises practical language skills such as writing and expressing.
  • Guided reading of Bao Bei picture books
  • Literacy up to 2000 words
  • Develop advanced reading and comprehension skills
  • Strengthen children’s writing and expression skills
  • Effective utilisation of Mandarin in real-life situations

Advanced Class

Improve children’s reading habits, broaden their understanding of complicated vocabulary, and refine their writing abilities.
  • Guided creative writing
  • Cultivate interests in reading bridge books and novels
  • Read full-length novels independently
  Advanced Class

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Amazing Results In 5 Days

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Intake Age:
3 to 12 years old
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