Yayasan Nanyang Press organized the “O’ Sweet Days Charity Run” on 27 March 2016 (Sunday). The main idea and objectives of this charity run were to raise funds for Dream House for the Hidden Stars, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to increase public awareness on disadvantaged groups within the society. Bao Bei Reading Wonderland is honored to collaborate with Yayasan Nanyang Press in bringing good cause to the them as well as contributing to the society.
南洋报业基金在 2016 年 3 月 27 日举办 “O’ Sweet Days” 慈善义跑。活动的宗旨 与目的是为南洋报业基金【16 导航】星儿筑梦园筹募经费、提倡健康生活与呼 吁大家关怀社会弱势族群。宝贝阅读乐园很荣幸能与南洋报业基金合作,为社 会做出贡献。