Brothers and Sisters Story Sharing

"Brothers and Sisters Story Sharing" was jointly held by Baby Reading Wonderland and Yayasan Nanyang Press on 6 December 2016. Volunteer teachers told stories in a lively and lively way and advocated virtue. We hope to pass on the culture of traditional customs to children through making dumplings and dumplings. Bao Bei Reading Wonderland is honored to collaborate with Yayasan Nanyang Press in bringing good cause to the them as well as contributing to the society.
“兄弟姐妹故事分享会”由宝贝阅读乐园与南洋报业基金携手在 2016 年 12 月 6 日举办,由义工老师以生动及活泼的方式讲故事,以及提倡美德。希望透过搓 汤圆与包饺子,将传统习俗的文化传递给小朋友们。宝贝阅读乐园很荣幸能与南 洋报业基金合作,为社会做出贡献。