4th Charity Luncheon with Elderly and Orphans

Yayasan Nanyang Press once again organized “The Gratitude & Contentment Charity Luncheon for Elderly and Orphans” on 15th November 2015, to be held at Unique Seafood Damansara Restaurant & Banquet. Yayasan Nanyang Press invited 100 orphans from different orphanages, 100 living in poverty or from a nursing home for the elderly, and 200 from the generous public. The orphans and elderly were sitting together with their donors. This created an opportunity for them to know each other, to better understand what they really need and learn from each other, which made the luncheon a more meaningful event. Donors also exchanged gifts with their sponsored elderly or orphan.

One of the main objective of “Gratitude and Contentment Luncheon for Elderly and Orphans” is to educate the people to be grateful and thankful in their life. Through the interaction with orphans and elderly, the donors learned to treasure the happiness in their family. Everyone has the power to make other people happy no matter how small the contribution is. Bao Bei Reading Wonderland is honored to collaborate with Yayasan Nanyang Press in bringing good cause to the them as well as contributing to the society.
南洋报业基金秉持着过去的精神,2015 年 11 月 15 日在奇怪海鲜续办《第四届 孤儿老人知足感恩午宴》, 让幸福的人与较为不幸的人共聚在一堂,以知足感 恩的心渡过美好的一天。 南洋报业基金邀请了 100 位 来自不同单位孤儿院的 孤儿,100 位生活贫苦或来自老人院的老人,和 200 位 的社会人士共聚。

《孤儿老人知足感恩午宴》最主要想要传达感恩的讯息,让不幸和幸福的人聚 在一起彼此认识,彼此学习,例如:幸福的小孩认识了孤儿,就会懂得珍惜当 下感恩父母;孤儿认识了幸福的家庭,就可以感受亲人的温暖;幸福的社会人 士遇见这些孤儿老人,就能为他们贡献服务;当孤儿老人遇见这些赞助者,也 懂得凭自己那渺小的力量写感谢卡,对他们表示感激。换句话说,每个人都拥 有贡献和服务的能 力,即使那份心意再微小,都可以让周围的人开心。宝贝阅 读乐园很荣幸能与南洋报业基金合作,为社会做出贡献。