2nd Charity Luncheon with Elderly and Orphans

Yayasan Nanyang Press with the greatest support from Bao Bei Reading Wonderland, continues to uphold the spirit of the previous year’s event by once again organizing “The Gratitude & Contentment Charity Luncheon for Elderly and Orphans” on 1 September 2013, to be held at the SHOGUN Japanese Buffet Restaurant. Our media partners will be Nanyang Siang Pau, China Press, Life TV, Feminine and Pelajar Bulanan.

Unlike previous years, this year’s luncheon will take the form of a buffet. Yayasan Nanyang Press will invite 110 orphans from different orphanages, 110 living in poverty or from a nursing home for the elderly, and 220 from the generous public. The concept for this year is the same as last year’s – when a person purchases a charity ticket, he or she will be encouraged to sponsor another ticket for an orphan or elderly. Similarly, buying two tickets means a person will be sponsoring another two tickets to the orphans or elderly. One may choose to sponsor tickets for either the orphans or the elderly.

“Contentment” and “Gratitude” are the most important messages we hope to convey through this event. People from all walks of life, both fortunate or unfortunate, can get together to know and learn from each other. For example, when fortunate children meet the orphans, they will learn to cherish their time spent with their parents; whereas orphans will have the opportunity to know a new family or friend and experience the feeling of being loved. The elderly will be delighted by the warmth and concern shown by the younger generation. Videos of disabled people and natural disasters will be screened during the luncheon so that all guests will understand that there will always be someone having a better life than them; likewise, there will always be someone experiencing greater suffering. Bao Bei Reading Wonderland is honored to collaborate with Yayasan Nanyang Press in bringing good cause to the them as well as contributing to the society.
南洋报业基金秉持着过去的精神,今年于 2013 年 9 月 1 日 在 SHOGUN 日 式自 助餐厅续办《孤儿老人知足感恩午宴》, 让幸福的人与不幸福的人共聚在一 堂,以知足感恩的心渡过美好的一天。本次媒体合作伙伴为南洋商报,中国 报,LifeTV 和 少年月刊,同时南洋报业基金也将邀请宝贝阅读乐园为合作伙 伴。

今年有别于往年午宴的方式,今年将采取自助餐的形式进行。南洋报业基金将 邀请 110 位 来自不同单位的孤儿院孤儿,110 位生 活贫苦或来自老人院的老 人,和 220 位 的社会人士共聚。今年和去年的概念相同,让大众每买一张票就 需要再赞助一张票给孤儿/老人,买两张票就需要另购两张赞助票,以此类推。

当天午宴,大众和他们所赞助的孤儿老人可以坐在一起,彼此认识,彼此交 流,这样的捐助会比一般来得更有意义。 因为感恩,所以团聚;因为团聚,所 以更能了解对方的喜怒哀乐,更能了解他们真正需要的是什么。除此之外,如 果大众想要继续帮助他们,捐助 他们将来的生活费或学费的话,也可以联络该 老人院或孤儿院的负责人了解详情。 每位出席者都必须带随一份礼物。赞助者 将与老人孤儿们交换礼物。宝贝阅读乐园很荣幸能与南洋报业基金合作,为社 会做出贡献。