1st Charity Luncheon with Elderly and Orphans

The main thing is to convey a message of gratitude, so that unfortunate and happy people get together to know each other and understand each other. One charity may not be able to take care of all the orphans, so Yayasan Nanyang Press wants to build a platform to give the public the opportunity to take care of them. In addition, the public can form friendships with them, and even after the luncheon event, they can still keep in touch and care for each other when needed.

To paraphrase Mr Liew’s famous saying: "We only send charcoal in the snow, not icing on the cake." These elderly and orphans need the love and care of the public. We believe that if we just treat them to a meal, we will not really help others. meaning. In the long run, only by letting the sponsors really know them and understand them can they know how to give appropriate help within their own ability in the future.

In addition, "Gratitude Luncheon for Orphans and Elderly" also wants to convey the message of gratitude, so that unfortunate and happy people get together to get to know each other and learn from each other, for example: happy children know orphans, they will know how to cherish the present and be grateful to their parents; When orphans know a happy family, they can feel the warmth of their relatives; when happy society people meet these orphans and elderly people, they can contribute services to them; when orphans and elderly people meet these sponsors, they also know how to write thank you cards with their own small strength Show them gratitude. In other words, everyone has the ability to contribute and serve, even in small ways, to make those around them happy. Nanyang Press Foundation hopes that such a warm reunion can serve as a strength in the hearts of orphans and elderly people and become their spiritual pillar. Gratitude, everyone needs to experience and practice it, in order to truly know the blessings from suffering, and to exert the good energy of life.
《孤儿老人温馨感恩午宴》最主要想要传达感恩的讯息,让不幸和幸福的人聚 在一起彼此认识,彼此了解。一个慈善机构也许无法照顾到所有的孤儿老人, 因此南洋报业基金想借此建立一个平台,让大众有机会身体力行地照顾他们。 除此之外,大众可以和他们建立友谊,就算午宴活动结束后,他们还是可以保 持联络,在需要的时候互相关怀。

套一句廖总说的名言:“我们只雪中送炭,不会锦上添花。” 这些老人孤儿都是 需要社会大众的关爱和照顾,我们认为,如果只是单单请他们吃一顿饭,并没 有做到真正助人的意义。以长远来看,唯有让赞助者真正去认识他们,了解他 们,日后才懂得在自己的能力范围内给与适当的帮助。

此外,《孤儿老人温馨感恩午宴》也想要传达感恩的讯息,让不幸和幸福的人 聚在一起彼此认识,彼此学习,例如:幸福的小孩认识了孤儿,就会懂得珍惜 当下感恩父母;孤儿认识了幸福的家庭,就可以感受亲人的温暖;幸福的社会 人士遇见这些孤儿老人,就能为他们贡献服务;当孤儿老人遇见这些赞助者, 也懂得凭自己那渺小的力量写感谢卡,对他们表示感激。换句话说,每个人都 拥有贡献和服务的能力,即使那份心意再微小,都可以让周围的人开心。南洋 报业基金希望这样的一个温馨团聚,这份温暖可以作为一份力量在孤儿老人的 心中,成为他们的心灵支柱。感恩,每个人都需要体验与实践它,才能真的见 苦知福,发挥生命的良能。