Dream House for the Hidden Stars was set up by Yayasan Nanyang Press as a platform for children with learning disablities from lower income families to learn for free. Here, the autistic children are called “The Star” because they are hard to predict and understand, just like the stars flickering high up in the sky. Hence, we hope they can explore their abilities and improve their communication skills through painting, music (ukulele and keyboard), singing, dancing and junior robotic classes. Bao Bei Reading Wonderland is honored to collaborate with Yayasan Nanyang Press in bringing good cause to the them as well as contributing to the society.
南洋报业基金【16 导航】星儿筑梦园是一个特别为家境贫困的学习障碍患者所 建立的免费学习平台,自闭患者有个可爱的昵称 – “星儿”,因为他们就像高挂 天边的星星一样,一闪一闪地让人难以捉摸。他们灿烂的内心世界,一般人是 无法看到和接触,因此我们希望可以帮助他们透过画画、音乐、跳舞、初级机 械课程 (junior robotic class) 发掘自己的才能以及和社会沟通。除此之外,星儿 筑梦园里也有一间图书馆,供星儿们看书。宝贝阅读乐园很荣幸能与南洋报业 基金合作,为社会做出贡献。