Children's Reflections: Adventures in the Tree House at the Magnifying Glass Holiday Program

The Magnifying Glass Holiday Program at Bao Bei Daycare Program took the children on an exciting journey into the world of 'Tree House' construction. As the children worked together to build their own miniature tree houses, they discovered new skills, faced challenges, and experienced the joy of creativity. Here are some delightful reflections from the children themselves, showcasing their growth and newfound knowledge.

Mathematics: A Building Block for Success

"I learned that mathematics is very important in building a 'Tree House.' If I measured incorrectly, the roof would be imbalanced, and I would need to start over." The children quickly realized the significance of accurate measurements and precise calculations in creating a sturdy and well-proportioned tree house. Through hands-on experiences, they understood the practical application of mathematical concepts in real-life situations.

Patience and Precision in Craftsmanship

"I learned that we need to hold the pieces together for a while after applying hot glue because it takes time to dry." The children discovered the art of patience and the importance of allowing the hot glue to set before moving on to the next step. This taught them the value of precision and attention to detail, ensuring that their tree houses were built to last.

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Embracing Challenges and Overcoming Difficulties

"Measuring and cutting were challenging for me, but I didn't give up." The children faced obstacles while handling tools and performing intricate tasks like measuring and cutting. However, with determination and the support of their peers and teachers, they persevered and gained valuable problem-solving skills along the way. The program provided a safe space for them to explore their abilities and learn from their mistakes.

Unleashing Creativity through Colorful Expressions

"I loved coloring and adding vibrant hues to my tree house." The children reveled in the artistic aspect of the program, bringing their tree houses to life with their imaginative color choices. Through this creative expression, they added a personal touch to their creations, showcasing their unique personalities and preferences.

The Magnifying Glass Holiday Program not only fostered practical skills but also instilled a sense of accomplishment and joy in the children. Each child's journey was filled with excitement, learning, and moments of discovery.

To capture the spirit of this incredible experience, we invite you to browse through the event photos that showcase the children's dedication and creative flair. You can also catch a glimpse of their adventure by watching the event videos, capturing the vibrant atmosphere and the children's enthusiasm in action.

At Bao Bei Daycare Program, we are committed to providing enriching experiences that ignite the spark of curiosity and foster holistic development. We celebrate the unique talents and growth of each child, nurturing them to become confident, creative, and resilient individuals.
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We look forward to welcoming your child into our nurturing and supportive environment at Bao Bei E2 Programme Daycare, where their happiness, growth, and development are our top priorities.


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Chen Evelyn
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老师有耐心也有爱心 孩子学习中文的好地方!
Cindy Hor
Review From
Amazing centre, highly recommended, friendly teachers , my kid used to show not interest in mandarin , but after few classes, she would speak , write and read so well and will get upset if she miss her class . Thank you teacher. Really appreaciate
Theresa Yeow
Review From
My 6yo daughter's first time making a lantern. Enjoyed it. Nice rabbit-on-the-moon piece.
Lilian Kwok
Review From
Thank you for the dedication in teaching my son. I am happy with the result. It's amazing that he can recognize Chinese characters at such short period. Keep up the good work!
Mae Cheah
Review From
My children go to the taman megah branch. Their teachers are well trained and careful. Teacher mei Yuen knows the children’s guardians and when they see unfamiliar faces she follow my helper all the way to my car to make sure my son is safe and fine.Thank you so much
Ivy Ong
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