Felicia ChanFelicia Chan
Excellent learning environment. Teachers are very passionate and patients in teaching and guiding. My girl love to go Bao Bei everyday. From a very shy quiet girl become a more talkative and confident person. She's able to master the skills guided by teacher throughout the holiday programme which is something hardly to learn in school.
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Sze Chang SawSze Chang Saw
谢谢宝贝阅读中心老师们的细心教导。宝贝老师们教导的不只是课堂上知识,也包括做人处事的道理。老师们把复杂难懂的华语字与诗,用不同方式教导孩子,让沉闷的学习变得生动有趣。老师们有教无类,即使对于我的特殊慢飞天使,也给予最适合他的学习与耐心。感恩这帮用爱灌溉幼苗的宝贝园丁们,是您们,让花儿朵朵盛开,开的时间不一样,不过我相信这些花儿的明天,一样的灿烂夺目耀眼!Thanks for love, care, guidance and patience to the kids, let them enjoy and have more motivation and encouragement in their learning journey!
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Nicole AnneiNicole Annei
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Carol YongCarol Yong
My children have been taking Mandarin classes at Baobei reading wonderland for the past year, and I couldn't be more impressed with their progression. My children have gone from not knowing a single word of Mandarin to being able to have basic conversations with their teachers and classmates.
Teachers are patients and lovings and are always willing to answer my kids' questions. They also provides regular feedback on their progress, which has been helpful in tracking their development.
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Carlisle cindyCarlisle cindy
We are amazed by the teachers ability to keep my kids engaged and excited about learning. They make the lessons fun and interactive, and my children are lucky to have such an enthusiastic teachers
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Esther ChinEsther Chin

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Mei Theng Miyuki ChowMei Theng Miyuki Chow
因为2年的MCO导致孩子无法好好学习基本的华语认字, 透过朋友介绍, 当下立刻送孩子上了宝贝阅读乐园的5天Trial class。每一堂课孩子放学后, 非常喜欢也立刻想要每天上宝贝阅读班。我家孩子不知不觉就已经上了第二年的华语阅读班
今年2年级的她已经掌握很好的基础华语,认字以及学习都问题了。感谢Puchong 宝贝阅读乐园的老师们用心,耐心及付出爱心给给予每一位孩子们在快乐学习过程中获得知识及品德教育。让我家孩子也正能量满满的。
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Cindy HorCindy Hor
Amazing centre, highly recommended, friendly teachers , my kid used to show not interest in mandarin , but after few classes, she would speak , write and read so well and will get upset if she miss her class . Thank you teacher. Really appreaciate
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lee tanlee tan
Best best Chinese learning centre ever . Parents, don't waste your time looking around ,if you want your kids to learn proper Chinese ,BAO BEI Putra Height is the right place ,caring & responsible teachers
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Jessica WeeJessica Wee
Bao Bei really help my son a lot, he manage to read many words in a very short period of time, i am really satisfy with his progress.
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Cornie LimCornie Lim
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宝贝阅读乐园真好 让孩子开心学习爱上华语 老师也很有耐心教导每位小朋友
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Karmunn LimKarmunn Lim
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Lok LokLok Lok
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Celine SawCeline Saw
Patient and kind loving teachers. My kids love to go baobei and enjoy their learning. Mandarine no longer a suffer subject for them anymore.
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Choong Vee KianChoong Vee Kian
Great centre and good teachers.
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Lilian KwokLilian Kwok
Thank you for the dedication in teaching my son. I am happy with the result. It's amazing that he can recognize Chinese characters at such short period. Keep up the good work!
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Sam KokSam Kok
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Jennifer OhJennifer Oh
I recommend baobei to whoever wants to expose their child to chinese. My son who doesn't like chinese, started liking it after joining baobei. Teacher Carmen is very interactive and also the kids had fun and can focus during her class well. Even online class is fun.
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Li Na KLi Na K
Very highly recommended! Teacher Carmen is excellent and knows how to interact with the students and form a connection that makes them interested to attend the class and learn.
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Natalie HooiNatalie Hooi
Highly recommended.
All The teacher is super good and caring... my son like it and improve a lot ... thanks
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Christy Lee Siew YunChristy Lee Siew Yun
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Ckforfb KamCkforfb Kam
My 5 yr old boy struggles to do online lessons during this pandemic. But he happily attends teacher Annie's online lessons. She is so loving and gentle. Through BaoBei Tmn Megah, his Chinese word recognition and counting bihua has improved. Thank you, 妮妮LaoShi.
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Joyce TayJoyce Tay
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Mae CheahMae Cheah
My children go to the taman megah branch. Their teachers are well trained and careful. Teacher mei Yuen knows the children’s guardians and when they see unfamiliar faces she follow my helper all the way to my car to make sure my son is safe and fine.
Thank you so much
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Datin Seri Asha StevenDatin Seri Asha Steven
My kids really enjoyed going BAO BEI
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Teresa ChanTeresa Chan
Teachers are supportive, passionate and loving. Classes both physical and online are engaging and fun. My girl from zero mandarin to able to recognise Chinese characters and converse with her teachers. Kids love the story telling, singing, games and craft work.
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Aivee YewAivee Yew
Sending my girl to Baobei is the best choice! Every teacher in Bao Bei USJ TAIPAN is very passionate, patient, soft spoken and loving.. love how they always put the kids 1st.. it is really the perfect place for kids to learn mandarin.. we r so thankful. thanks again to all 老师
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Melissa JemieMelissa Jemie
Enrolled AnAn to baobei is no regret. She love being in your class, Teacher are so great at what you do. AnAn have learned so much from you. Thank you
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Ivy OngIvy Ong
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