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Magnifying Glass Holiday Programme - Ignite Creativity and Explore the Joy of Making!

Discover the Magic of the Magnifying Glass Holiday Programme in December

Looking for an exciting and enriching holiday programme for your child? Look no further! We are thrilled to present the Magnifying Glass Holiday Programme, a three-week adventure that took place in December 2022. This past event was designed to spark creativity, foster practical skills, and provide children with a platform to showcase their talents.

Week 1: Sewing Sensations - Mastering Techniques and Creating 5粒子

In the first week of the Magnifying Glass programme, children dove into the art of sewing. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, they learned essential sewing techniques and honed their skills by creating 5粒子. From threading needles to stitching intricate designs, children experienced the joy of sewing while creating beautiful keepsakes.

Week 2: Vibrant Stitching - Craft Your Own Pillow

During the second week, the Magnifying Glass participants delved into the world of sewing once again. Building upon their newfound skills, they embarked on the exciting journey of crafting their very own pillows. From selecting fabrics to measuring and cutting, children put their creativity into action, designing and sewing unique pillows that showcased their individual style.

Week 3: Colorful Creations - Unleash Your Tie-Dye Magic

In the final week of the Magnifying Glass Holiday Programme, children explored the colorful realm of tie-dye. Armed with white t-shirts and an array of vibrant dyes, they learned various folding and tying techniques to create mesmerizing patterns. With each twist and splash of color, children transformed their plain shirts into vibrant, wearable works of art.

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Join Us for Future Adventures!

Although the Magnifying Glass Holiday Programme in December has come to a close, we are excited to announce that more captivating holiday programmes are on the horizon! Stay tuned for upcoming events that will provide your child with endless opportunities to learn, create, and grow. At our day care centre, we go beyond academic education, empowering children with practical skills and fostering their overall development.

Ignite your child's curiosity, creativity, and joy of learning. Join us for future holiday programmes, where the magic of hands-on activities comes alive. Register today and let your child embark on a journey of exploration, self-discovery, and endless possibilities.



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We look forward to welcoming your child into our nurturing and supportive environment at Bao Bei E2 Programme Daycare, where their happiness, growth, and development are our top priorities.


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