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Empowering Educators through Drama Teaching by Teacher Happy (Happy老师)

At Bao Bei Reading Wonderland, we strongly believe in the power of innovative teaching methods to create a positive and engaging learning environment for our students. Recently, we had the pleasure of organizing a transformative drama teaching training conducted by Teacher Happy, which provided our educators with valuable insights into the world of drama-based education. This blog post aims to highlight the impact of this training on our teachers and how it will benefit our students.

Drama Teaching and Active Learning

The training by Teacher Happy delved into the idea of drama teaching and its immense potential in facilitating active learning among children. Drama teaching involves using role-playing, improvisation, and storytelling techniques to bring various subjects to life. By incorporating drama into their teaching practices, our teachers learned how to make lessons more dynamic, interactive, and enjoyable for their students.

Additional Skills for Teachers

One of the most remarkable aspects of drama teaching is its inclusivity. During the training, our teachers discovered how drama can be adapted to cater to children with special needs. Drama activities offer multiple entry points for learning, allowing every child to participate at their own pace and in their unique way. This realization ignited a passion among our educators to ensure that no child is left behind, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Success and Positive Reception

The drama teaching training conducted by Teacher Happy was an overwhelming success, leaving our teachers inspired and excited to implement their newfound knowledge in the classroom. The activity-based nature of the training kept the participants engaged throughout, leading to a positive and fruitful learning experience. The teachers were thrilled with the potential impact drama teaching could have on their students' learning journeys.

Benefits for Teachers and Students

With this comprehensive training, our teachers have gained the knowledge and experience to engage their students effectively. The ideas exchanged during the training have evolved into interesting and tailored teaching plans for every child attending our Mandarin For Kids classes and E2 Daycare Programme. By infusing drama teaching techniques into our curriculum, we anticipate a significant increase in student engagement and learning outcomes.

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Building a Positive Environment

At Bao Bei Reading Wonderland, we emphasize building a long-term relationship with our teachers and principals. We foster a supportive and friendly work environment that encourages personal and professional growth. This drama teaching training has further strengthened the bond between our teachers, promoting positive vibes and camaraderie among our staff.

Join Our Family: Teacher Career Opportunities

If you are an enthusiastic educator looking for rewarding career opportunities, we invite you to join our family at Bao Bei Reading Wonderland. We are currently offering various teacher job openings and teaching positions that might interest you. As part of our commitment to education and career prospects, we ensure our teachers have the resources and support they need to thrive in their roles.

Interested? Apply Now

If you are excited about the prospect of teaching through drama and want to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children, we encourage you to apply for our Mandarin Chinese Class and Program for Kids. For more information on our career opportunities and to apply, please visit our Careers Page.


The drama teaching training conducted by Teacher Happy has undoubtedly left a lasting positive impression on our educators. Armed with new knowledge and skills, our teachers are now better equipped to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for our students. By implementing drama teaching techniques in our classes, we are confident that our students will flourish academically and emotionally, as we continue to build a nurturing and supportive learning community at Bao Bei Reading Wonderland.
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